We fully rely on our sponsors, however in case of special projects we grasp possibilities to apply to tenders for certain projects that fit into realizing our vision.

If you can identify yourself with our vision and want to participate in realizing it, we can assure you that every cent will be used to good purpose as described

  • You can either give us funds to running our talent programme in general
  • You can beck u sin supporting a given child, see introduction of children supported
  • You can support certain projects
  • You can support in many forms rendering us service sin transport, in kind help, professional support, support in matketing, communication and last but not least in helping us to find new potential sponsors . Just tell us to whom we should turn.

We conclude a support agreement if you wish in which we can fix details we should discuss. You can be sure that we keep our word.

Whatever is the way of help, you will be participating in changing the lives of young individuals to their best. Share our vision!