Our organisation is led by the initiator of the programme and works primarily with volunteers without compromising on our ambitions as to the quality of our work. Thus necessery paid expertise is added if justified. Supporters funds will be turned into support renders to an extremely high degree.

We have a flat organisation due to very simple reasons. Our support to pupils in our talent programme is very personal. Thus the number of supporties at a given time is limited. In widening the scope of our activities we do not compromise on our ambition: our help should be effective and tailor made to individual needs. More important we ask our sponsors to help those young individual in their personal growth and not to sponsor the growth of an organisation. Third is the effect of these twho aspects: we rely on volunteers, committed professionals to the maximum extent. We thus have no employees, we do not maintain a rented office, no company car. In case we need professional contribution to our work, to our projects, we sometimes purchase committed expertise. In case of special projects we however organize a necessary project team under professional considerations. We keep thus effectivenes in using funds to the credit of the target group of supporties to an exteremely high degree. The way you can support us is clearly reflecting our approach.