Welcome to the homepage of the Foundation Esélyt a képességeknek which translates into English: Give a Chance to the Gifted. In contrast to our homepage relaunched lately, the programme looks back to a period of 15 years of development since it had been launched 2005. What makes us unique that deserves your attention?

Dear Visitor,

We are glad to welcome you on our homepage.Browsing the internet you’ll find an array of programmes, organisations that focus on facilitating talents in their development reaching out their hand to raise funds and ascertaining the good purpose their follow. What makes us unique? So, what are our arguments answering your justified question.

  • This is commitment to serve the less fortunate without compromise
  • This is taking responsibility for others.
  • This is professionalism.
  • This is our approach to offer help tailord to the individual needs and circumstances of the young individual we support.
  • This is the responsibility we demand from those supported to be taken for themselves
  • This is our commitment to make both supported and sponsors happy
  • This is finally a blend of all these features. 

It is the supported young individual who comes first. It is the sponsors to whom we offer participation in realizing our vision who come second.

We ourselves come third giving our best serving these two main groups addressed.

If you feel comfortable about what we do, please look at the details on our pages.

An update of our homepage as of July 2019 will be however completed during the forthcoming weeks only.